Prayers and a new craft

31 Mar

Greetings everyone! Today was a wonderful day in prayer with the Lord!

I receive prayer requests from   I received today a prayer request for a young man who is a missionary. He has a brain tumor that has paralyzed him. Please read on to read his story and pray for this young man and the mission to reach the lost!


Those of you who are  not familiar with Gospel for Asia, it is an organization that sponsors native missionaries in Asia to spread the gospel to remote parts where people do not know Jesus. There is a free  book that I highly recommend as well, it is provided by the site here:

It truly is free!

Craft! 🙂

My sister and I did a craft with a toilet paper roll. So if you find that you have run out of paper on those rolls, they may come to use! Dont throw them out : D  .

We made a “Cain and Abel” craft.

I dont endorse everything that is on this site, so I would recommend that young ones not go on it unattended. They do have some cute crafts on the list, however, so I picked the “Abel” toilet paper “puppet” to make with her, she enjoyed it and we did it after reading from Genesis.  ^_^ Hope you enjoy!


Here is how ours came out!:

Have a blessed day!



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